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The first step in developing a product is the collection of data about the real model.
If available, a 3D drawing - and otherwise a large series of pictures from every angle - will be used in this stage.


Based on the data a 3D drawing of the scale model will be made, which will be fine-tuned until the end result is completely satisfactory.


After reaching agreement on the 3D drawing, a 3D prototype will be made. After approval of this first prototype the making of the molds commences.

Since this is one of the most time-consuming stages, simultaneously the artwork for both packaging and the model itself will be developed.


After a couple of months the molds will be finished and a pre-production sample will be shot. This is often a stage in which the licensor or client will be closely involved to grant approval.

When the pre-production sample is satisfactory both in appearance and function, the actual production will start.


The time it takes to complete the development process depends mostly on the model itself. The more complex the model is, the longer the process usually takes. Most models can be developed and produced within 10 months after all data are provided.

In case the product is developed on request of a client, the client is always involved in every development phase, since good cooperation leads to a better end result.

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